At 8 years of age, Valentina has gone through more than most of her classmates. Since her mother left a few years ago, Valentina lives with her father, an overprotective astronomer, and spends her days in the fictional planet created for herself in the garden, in a small beach town of Santa Catarina. From her imaginary futuristic universe, Valentina goes on daily adventures, learning something new about the world around her, interacting with the figures that populate her unusual universe and teaching everyone around to see the world with a new, inviting look.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Filipe Domiano
Director – André Gevaerd
Producer – Alexandre Mroz Tastardi
Coproduction Company – Kinoosfera Filmes

Duration – 13 x 15’
Format – Digital, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Portuguese, Spanish
Locations – Santa Catarina

Development – 2016
Production –2017
Release – 2018
Budget – U$500.000

Additional Info
It is an offshoot of the transmedia project that consists of the feature film “The Other Side of the Moon,” the telefilm “The Valentina Sky” and the short film “Valentina”. It will try to express the world from the point of view of a child and her adventures. The project was selected in the Balneário Camboriú notice for its development.