The Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh sacrifice everything to protect their millenary roots and the consequences from stalinism since the 80’s. Today the country is living a “warm” war on their enemy borders and doesn’t have an internationally recognized state. The struggle to inhabit the land of their ancestors justifies everything they go through.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Gary Gananian
Director – Gary Gananian
Producer – André Gevaerd
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 52’
Format – Digital 2K, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – English and Armenian
Locations – Nagorno Karabakh

Development – 2015
Production – 2016
Release – 2017
Budget – U$100.000

Additional Info
The cease-fire between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan happened in 1984. Despite that, weekly, casualties on both side occur on the borders of the countries.