Valentina (6) spends most of the time in the fictional planet created by herself in her neighbour Cecilia’s (71) garden. Isolated from the real world problems with her spacesuits, her imaginary friends and crayon drawings, Valentina has her world shaken by the arrival of Cecilia’s grandson Francisco (15), a boy who also uses his drawings as a way to deal with his trauma, and that will help her find a safe way toward the real world.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Filipe Domiano
Director – André Gevaerd
Producer – Alexandre Mroz Tastardi, Mario E. Levit, Maria Cristina Brum, Bruno Gehring
Coproduction Company – Kinoosfera Filmes, Cruz Del Sur Cine, Filmes do Leste

Duration – 18’
Format – DCP 2K, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Castelhano, Spanish
Locations – Santa Catarina

Development – 2015
Production –2015
Release – 2016
Budget – U$40.000

Additional Info
The short film was supported by the LIC-BC and the Santa Catarina Film Award.

It is part of a transmedia project born from the feature film project “The Other Side of the Moon”. The short is a prequel feature film and shows the story from Valentina’s point of view.