After the flood in the city of Punta Indio, some kids find the lifeless body of Marga Mayer with a cut in the neck. The police Commissioner Pereyra comes to Punta Indio to investigate all suspects: Julia Vitorica, the owner of the house where Marga lived, Pelagatos, the man who lived with Marga and was his faithful squire, Don Alejandro, the chief of Punta Indio with whom Marga had many debts. But since the beginning of the investigation the commissioner knew that the cut in the neck was made using a diamond. Ricardo Rey, an outsider who had come to town a few days before knew the 45 karat “cruz del sur” diamond’s secret 45, known as being a unique jewel and a lethal weapon that belonged to the local Victorica family. The crime doesn’t take long to be solved with the killer confessing to the crime but he does not say where this diamond is, leaving the rest of the suspects on the prowl and showing what each of them can do to find it.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Camila Toker
Director – Camila Toker
Producer – André Gevaerd, Alexandre Mroz Tastardi, Martin Cuinat, Pablo Ingercher
Coproduction Company – Oh My Gomez!

Duration – 90’
Format – DCP 2K, DolbyDigital, [Color]
Language – Spanish
Locations – Argentina, Brazil

Development – 2015
Production – 2016
Release – 2017
Budget – U$600.000

Additional Info
The project was awarded in Ventana Sur with a value of USD$10,000 for production design.