Gravação do curtametragem "Máscara Negra" - 06.06.10 Local: São Paulo, Rua São José, 290 - Santo Amaro Direção: Rene Brasil Fotografia: Pedro Eliezer Making of e still: Vivian Fernandez (11) 8141.5080 / 3731.2619

A team formed by street friends, classifies for the amateur soccer tournament Final in the city of Santos. But to play the final they all have to be in full uniform. None of them can afford to buy even the cleats so they devise a plan to get the uniforms from the professional club in the region, JabaquaraFootball Club. In the dead of night they invade the club and take the team uniforms to play the final. At the time of the grand final the boys take the field with uniforms well above their size and the playing field is surrounded by local police. Now they have to play everything they know to save themselves.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Ângelo Capozzoli
Director – Rene Tada Brasil
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 80’
Format – DCP 2K, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Locations – Santos

Development – 2016
Production – 2017
Release – 2018
Budget – U$600.000