Supernova desennhos nao definitivos

The animated series The ARROW ENCHANTER brings adventure, mystery, romance and lots of action. Leran Yandel lives in a place unlike the rest of the world. A city dominated by a dictatorship, where everything is controlled by the government, even what people can or can’t learn. Surrounded by walls, Acigam has been isolated from the world for over a decade and forbids the use of magic in it’s territory, which led other cities to develop. By learning magic with his grandfather, Leran discovers that the government is controlling it’s people with all it can and is also killing anyone who steps outside the line. Now he and his family are at risk.
The story follows the boy’s discoveries about the city’s mysteries and presents a fantasy world, where the control of elements and energies can be in our hands. Besides being concerned with himself, Leran tries to protect his younger sister and the mysterious girl he falls in love with.
Leran will have to learn to fight and control the most of his magical ability to win a war that is about to happen, but first he needs to find out all the secrets that his own family hides.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Renan Carvalho
Director – Rubens Belli – Belli Studio de Animação
Producer – André Gevaerd
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 6 x 20’
Format – Animation, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Locations – Brazil

Development – 2016
Production – 2017
Release – 2018
Budget – U$400.000

Additional Info
Animated series based on the Supernova Saga of writer Renan Carvalho. The second volume of the series was released in September and was for more than five weeks on Amazon’s bestseller list. The complete 5 volume saga will allow the development of various seasons of the animated series. The magical and amazing world developed by Renan attracts saga fans who also like harry potter, hunger games or divergent.