Through the story of three friends, the film STORM is about friendship, betrayal, love, death and decisions that need to be taken to proceed with the lives of those who remained. Two friends, Gabriel and Diego, an embittered writer and a helicopter pilot, respectively, talk, in a cold and rainy night, shortly after the death of a third friend. One of them goes to the funeral and the other refuses to go because he was betrayed by his ex-wife with the dead friend. The one that went to the funeral returns and tells the other how it was. From there, they reassess their lives, while recalling memories they had with the late friend in common, putting in check those who want to continue and those who simply prefer to stay along the way.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Mário Bortolotto
Director – Francisco Garcia
Producer – Francisco Garcia, Alexandre Mroz Tastardi, André Gevaerd
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 75’
Format – DCP, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Locations – São Paulo

Development – 2015
Production – 2015
Release – 2016
Budget – U$200.000

Additional Info
Adaptation of the homonym theatrical text by Mario Bortolotto.
First feature film where the author Mario Bortolotto acts in his own text for a film.