MISFITNESS is a comedy about Jonas, an overweight man that, tired of being humiliated, opens a gym for misfits like him. With the support of his womanizer best friend, a trainer that accepts any challenge, and the maid who treats him like his own son, Jonah realizes that his gym is not only a place to exercise, but a safe haven where everyone is free to be as they wish.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Filipe Domiano
Director – Open
Producer – André Gevaerd
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 12 x 26’
Format – Digital, Dolby Digital, [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Locations – Brazil

Development – 2016
Production – 2017
Release – 2017
Budget – U$300.000

Additional Info
The first argument for this series was developed when the writer studied at the American Film Institute, under the supervision of Marta Kauffman, creator of the “Friends” series and this is the comedy style used with this series. The visual language of Misfitness will be the single-camera comedy series. One of the great appeals of the show is that it portrays characters with whom we can root for and with whom we can identify.

The series written with American sitcoms as a model portrays the lives of these four characters evolving in the environment of a gym for misfits.