Janet is 32 years old and her life is on hold. With her father, a retired military police colonel, terminally ill and hospitalized, she does nothing more than spend the days next to him in the hospital. While waiting for the inevitable end of this painful journey, Janet writes incessantly, sometimes on a laptop, sometimes a notebook. Throughout the days, Janet creates a police plot that helps her get in touch with her deepest fears and desires, an outlet that reveals much of what she is and how she faces this very tough situation. A story about life after the death of those we love.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Silvia Lourenço
Director – Edu Felistoque
Producer – Paulo Duarte, Victoria Fialho Mazzia, André Gevaerd
Director of Photography – Duda Catenacci
Production Designer – Aline Leonello
Editor – Marina Franzolim, Guga Pereira, Gab Felistoque
Original Soundtrack – Guga Pereira and Gab Felistoque

Cast – Silvia Lourenço, Priscilla Alpha, Sergio Cavalcante, Rodrigo Brassoloto, Ronaldo Lampi, Gabriela Veiga, Felipe Kannenberg

Production Company – Felistoque Filmes
Coproduction Company – Kinoosfera Filmes
Support – Canal Brasil, Sony
Duration – 82′
Format – DCP 2K, Dolby SRD [B&W]
Language – Portuguese
Location – São Paulo

Additional Info
The film premiered at the 39th Sao Paulo Film Festival and had the partnership between director Edu Felistoque and actress Silvia Lourenço who are responsible for a delicate minimalist script.

Made in partnership with Canal Brasil, Insubordinates, is a successful project with transmedia narrative based on the series named “Bipolar”, also screened on Sony and Warner channels. This is the first episode of a feature film trilogy titled “Real Life”.