André Gevaerd
Born in Santa Catarina in 1984. He graduated in Social Communication with specialization in Cinema by Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in 2007. He works professionally in the film industry for over 12 years.

He began his career in feature films working in various functions in films made by Beto Brant, Sergio Machado, Fátima Toledo, Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas, Sérgio Bianchi, Paolo Gregori, Marcel Isidoro, among others.

He is a founding partner of Kinoosfera Filmes where he works as Director, Producer and Editor of feature films, television and advertising.

Participated in the Producer’s Network in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and was selected for the Berlinale Talent’s in 2012.

He is founder and director of the International Film Festival in Balneário Camboriu since 2011.

In his career are films that have been selected and awarded in several national and international festivals.

Among his last works carried out are the feature films “Hard Labor” by Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra (Associate Producer, Cannes 2011), “Colors” by Francisco Garcia (Producer and Editor, San Sebastian and best editor in Costa Rica 2012), “Moving Creatures” by Caetano Gotardi (Associate Producer, Gramado 2013), “Insubordinates” by Edu Felistoque (Co-Producer, São Paulo 2014), “Wild Love Prayer” by Chico Faganello (Co-producer and Editor, Carte Blanche Locarno Festival in 2014).

In 2016 starts the launch of “Valentina” (Director), “Valentina Sky” (Director), “Deep Blue Opala” and the production of “Blitz”, “We Are All In Peace”, “We are Our Mountains”, “VHS Boy”, “The Death of Marga Mayer”, among others.


Alê Mroz Tastardi
Alexandre Mroz Tastardi, producer. Passionate about art and cinema has works for the main festivals in Europe such as Cannes (Film Market), Venice (Giornate degli autori section) and San Sebastian, as well as to specialized magazines “Le Film Français” and “Cannes Market News” in the areas of production, press, communication and marketing.

Worked in several productions and specially the feature film “Should I Really Do it? of the controversial Turkish photographer and director Ismail Necmi, the movie was selected in more than 20 festivals around the world including Toronto Film Festival, it has been awarded with the “Daniel Langlois Innovation Award” in the Montreal Film Festival, “best new director” and “best script” at the Ankara Film Festival and “Best movie” chosen by the audience at the Rome Gender Film Festival. And the movie “Cores” from Brazilian Director Francisco Garcia, first feature film having premiered in San Sebastian competition.

Joined Kinoosfera filmes in Sao Paulo where he produced CORES a film by Francisco Garcia, premiered in San Sebastian Film Festival and released in Brasil in 2013 and France and Japan in 2014. Currently working on “The other side of the moon” a film by André Gevaerd (laureate of Talent campus in 2011) and “Mara Tara” new movie by Francisco Garcia.

Also works in the film festival CineramaBC taking place in Balneario Camboriu which is going to its 4th edition and in last year had a German films focus showing new german director’s movies such as Frederik Jehn and Hanna Doose films.

Other selected works: “Passage” by Brenno Castro (released), “A crise de olhos azuis” by Manga Jr. (in production), “Are you ready to die for art” by Ismail Necmi (in production), “Mara Tara – Pedaços de Carne” by Francisco Garcia (in pre-production). As a Director: “Botafogo” (short movie) and “Samedi de folie” (short movie).


Francisco Garcia
Born in São Paulo in 1980, graduated in Cinema at FAAP year 2005. Founding partner of production company Kinoosfera Filmes, acts as a director, screenwriter and producer. Won national and international awards with his first short film in 35mm “Desequilibrium” (2004), directing his second short film in 35mm the next year “Nanoillusion” (2006), scripted by Braulio Mantovani (City of God and Elite Squad).

In 2008 he directed the short film in 35mm “The Dinosaur’s Tail”, based on original work by cartoonist Angeli. In 2013, commercially launches in Brazilian theaters the film “Colors”, his first feature film as a writer, director and producer, selected and awarded in important national and international festivals. The film was released in Japanese and French theaters.

He is now in the final phase of two feature films: “A Stack Of Plates In The Kitchen” (contemplated by the Telefilm Issuance of the Secretary of Culture by the State of São Paulo) and “Storm”, both adaptations of the homonymous texts by the playwright Mario Bortolotto.

Develops the projects of the feature films “Mara Tara – Pieces Of Meat”, adaptations of Angeli’s character (contemplated by the Feature Film Cinematographic Script Development Issuance by the Ministry of Culture in 2008), “Phaneron” written by screenwriter Braulio Mantovani (City of God and Elite Squad) and the television series “In Search Of Brazil’s Heart”, “Back Seat” (contemplated by the Development Issuance of the Municipal Secretary of Culture of the City of São Paulo) and “Black Canvas”.


Gary Gananian
Born in Los Angeles, California in 1984, Gary Gananian, 31, studied Communication at Santa Monica College, California (2004). He graduated in Social Communication at ESPM, São Paulo (2010).

He worked in advertising agencies and film producing companies where he acquired experience in the production of advertising films, customer relations and project management.

In 2011 he began producing his first feature film, ‘Armenian Rhapsody’ (2012), which was selected for several festivals in Brazil and abroad and received the best film award at the Yerevan IFF and Pomegranate IFF. The film was also awarded the British Council Special Prize. In Brazil, it was part of the Official Selection in the 36th International Film Festival of São Paulo in 2012 and was in theatres of different cities of the country.

In order to constantly update and improve his knowledge, he participates in courses, workshops and seminars of audiovisual production and film art such as editting and Cinematography with renowned photographer Alziro Barbosa.

Annually he participates in film festivals and markets where he engages in networking with international film producers, establishing co-production and distribution partnerships around the world.

Currently he is leading Kinoosfera Filmes in advertising and institutional work and developing his new feature film “We Are Our Mountains” and the documentary television series “Conflict Zones”.


Rene Tada Brasil
Born in São Paulo and graduated in Cinema at FAAP in 2002. Made several short films and also works as Direct Sound Technician in the Film Market. Among his most important works in the Direct Sound area are the feature films ‘Serras da Desordem’ by Andrea Tonacci, ‘De Menor’ by Caru Alves de Souza and several TV series such as ‘Beleza S/A’ and ‘Lili a Ex’ produced by O2. As a film director his most important works were ‘Ressaca’ (2009) selected for several international festivals such as Festival Amerique Latine in Biarritz and Mostra Internacional del Cine Latinoamerica de Lleida – Barcelona.

In 2009 received the Incentive Award for Short Film of the Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo and produces the short film ‘Black Mask’ which has also been awarded several international awards at major festivals such as Festival Internacional del Cine DIVA in Valparaiso – Chile, 18th North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Best International Transgender short – USA, Best International Director in MIMI LGBT Short Film Festival in Barcelona – Spain, International Best Short in CHORTS – Festival de Cortos de Caracas – Venezuela and in Brazil he won Best Short Film at the VIII FIESP/SESI PRIZE and several awards in the categories of Best Actor and Screenplay at other festivals.

His Short Film project ‘Deep Blue Opala’ who received the prize Stimulus for shorts by the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo State in 2015 is being launched at festivals and ready to be launched commercially. His feature project ‘Blitz’ goes into production in 2016.