The main premise of the project DEEP BLUE OPALA is to discuss and fight against racial inequalities suffered by the marginalized population in large Brazilian cities. In the specific case of this project, we will record the outskirts of São Paulo through three black friends approximately 35 years old, living in the suburbs of the big capital. We’ll experience their troubles, mishaps and daily conflicts that unfold within and without the community, always permeated with black culture through hip hop, graffiti, women and tuned cars.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Rene Tada Brasil
Director – Rene Tada Brasil
Producer – André Gevaerd
Coproduction Company – Open to Coproducer

Duration – 12 x 22’
Format – Digital 2K, Dolby Digital [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Locations – Brazil

Development – 2016
Production – 2017
Release – 2017
Budget – U$300.000