São Paulo. Nowadays. Brazil is in a period of economic growth. Cores is a story of friendship and disillusionment of three young people in a big metropole. At one point one of them believes that things can change, but the meaning of life gets lost into the days when “everything that is solid vanishes into thin air”.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – Gabriel Campos, Francisco Garcia
Director – Francisco Garcia
Producer – André Gevaerd, Guilherme Pinheiro, Sara Silviera, Francisco Garcia
Director of Photography – Alziro Barbosa
Production Designer – Mônica Palazzo
Editor – André Gevaerd, Francisco Garcia
Original Sountrack – Wilson Sukorski

Cast – Acauã Sol, Pedro di Pietro, Simone Iliesco, Guilherme Leme, Tonico Pereira, Maria Célia Camargo.

Coproduction Company – Dezenove Som e Imagens
Support – Ancine, Proac, Sabesp, Paulínia
Duration – 95’
Format – 35mm, Dolby Digital [B&W]
Language – Portuguese
Location – São Paulo

Additional Info
Official Selection at the 60th San Sebastian Festival, one of the most important in the world.

Won Best Film, Actress and Director at Festin Lisbon in 2014, ABC Award for Best Feature Film Photography 2014, Best Actress Award and Revelation Film at Santa Maria da Feira Festival 2014 among others.

Launched commercially on DVD and in cinemas in Japan and France, where it was considered part of the New Relations of Brazilian Cinema.


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