Caixa Preta

Tells the story of a man who, after the loss of his relatives, has to face his past. An independent feature film that proposes, through dogmas, a phycological investigation about the influences and scars that history can create in the contemporary man.

Technical Information
Scriptwriter – André Gevaerd, Marcos DeBrito
Director – Marcel Isidoro
Producer – André Gevaerd, Marcel Isidoro
Director of Photography – Rafael Martinelli
Production Designer – Gabriel Madeira
Editor – Duda Izique, Marcel Isidoro, André Gevaerd
Original Soundtrack – André Abujamra

Cast – Olair Coan, André Abujamra, Alice Guimarães

Coproduction Company – Marluco Visão Filmes
Support – Locall Equipamentos
Duration – 72’
Format – 35mm, Stereo [Color]
Language – Portuguese
Location – São Paulo

Additional Info
The film is the result of a film project carried out by the filmmakers André Gevaerd Marcel Isidoro and Marcos DeBrito, who together signed the script, direction, editting and production. Despite the low budget, the group was able to perform the feature film in an innovative way that caught the attention of many film festivals.