“The Death of Marga Maier” at the 34th Miami International Film Festival


Kinoosfera Filmes celebrates the Offical Selection of the filme “The Death of Marga Maier” at the 34th Miami International Film Festival, one of the greatest film festivals in North America. The film begins it’s carreer in international festivals after being selected and awarded in important audiovisual market events, passing through International Havana Film Festival and Ventana Sur, during it’s screenplay and development phases.
The story takes place in the small city of Punta Indios, that goes into alert when a full tide brings the lifeless body of Marga Maier. The mood becomes even more misterious with the arrival of the foreigner Ricardo Reis, interpreted by Ivo Müller, a Brazilian that seems to be hiding something from the local authorities. Rumors rise again in the city with regard to a famous diamond and the power of it’s curse. 
The production is the result of a coproduction between Oh My Gomez (Argentina), Roberto Me Dejó (Uruguai) and Kinoosfera Filmes (Brasil) that chose Ivo Müller, Georgina Castro and Adilson Maghá and the Argentinians Mirta Busnelli and Luis Machín as part of the cast. André Gevaerd’s Cineramabc Filmes is the Associate Producer and responsible for the realization of the shooting on the cable cars at Parque Unipraias, that ended up being one of Balneário Camboriu’s postcards.
Director Camila Toker chose the city of Balneário Camboriú as the place for the shooting in Brazilian soil.

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