“BLACK MASK” competes in the Grand Prix of Brazilian Film

Produced by Kinoosfera Films and directed by Rene Brasil, the short film “Black Mask” is among the five finalists in the “Grand Prix 2012 Brazilian Cinema” in the category of “best short fiction film”. The film tells the story of Gregory, a man who besides great friends in life have a platonic passion for a masked ball he found in a carnaval.

With the filmmakers the Brazilian Academy of Cinema, TV Globo, the state government of Rio de Janeiro and the city of Rio de Janeiro, the “Grand Prix Brazilian Cinema” aims to contribute to the elevation and promotion of Brazilian cinema with the population and the public of the country by recognizing the technical and artistic quality of his films and socializing among professionals who make them. Altogether there are twenty four categories like “best feature-length fiction”, “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Actress”, “best actor”, “best assembly of fiction”, “best soundtrack” “best short fiction film”, “best documentary short film” etc..

In the category “Best short fiction film”, the “Black Mask” competes with the following brief:

COUNTDOWN directed by Gabriel Martins and Maurilio Martins
BETWEEN WALLS directed by Adriana Tenorio
BLACK MASK directed by Rene Brasil
FOR ME TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY directed by Juliana Rojas
LAST DAY, THE directed by Christopher Faust

To know all the categories and their finalists, visit the link below:

Good luck to the “Black Mask”!


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